BT Biztweak

Hello Sanibonani Molo Thobela Dumela Avuxeni


Making Entrepreneurship Easier


Recruitment & Assessment

Our Platform allows for our stakeholders in ESD, incubators, accelerators & foundations to be able to easily access a pipeline of vetted entrepreneurs for their programs.


Program Management

Our platform helps in the managing for programs from beginning to end, this includes monitoring and evaluation.


Impact Reporting

Through our platform we are able to deliver insights on the success of a specific program, and advise if there is no progress.

Who we are

BizTweak (PTY) Ltd is a enterprise saas platform

It is a 100% black-youth owned company that is aimed at making entrepreneurship easier. Our platform is designed to give clarity on the state of a business that is at idea/concept to early stage. We do this through multiple assessments that are based on business principles.

When users complete these assessments, we are able to collate and aggregate the data to provide meaningful insights. The platform also works as an administration tool in ESD and entrepreneurship development programs.

It can be used for recruitment in programs, baseline assessments, monitoring & evaluation and impact reporting.

Key Success Factors


We have developed networks on the and partnerships on the African continent that ensure that our solution canachieve reach & economies of scale.

Value Commitment

We are committed to creating value, capturing it & delivering it in a meaninful way such that we can deliver impact through the data we collect.


We believe that making entrepreneurship easier is at the heart of driving entrepreneurship activity. This informs our approach to innovation


We believe in creating relationships that allow people to focus on what they do best. Thus collaboration is at the centre of our approach to success

What we offer

Listening to you, and answering with data


Baseline Assessment

Our baseline assessment is aimed as a tool that will help our users to figure out where businesses are before they are onboarded into a program.


Report and Recommendations

Our platform allows for insights & reports to be generated using the data on the platform and made available to our users.


Learner management System

Our platform allows for entrepreneurs to access business support in the form of video, audio & text. It caters for different learning styles.


Coaches, Mentors & Consultants

Our platform is enabled to allow for business expertise to be delivered to entrepreneurs through our network of experts.


Messaging & Video Calling

Our platform is aimed at making access to business resources easier, we do that through enabling entrepreneurs to be able to reach coaches, mentors & consultants via video and text.


Data Insights & Dashboards

Our platform collates all the data collected and displays it in a representative way, allowing our clients to get a broader and deeper perspective on what is happening with their entrepreneur ecosystem. This also makes impact reporting easier.


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